Feature Docs

Create a deal using GitHub labels

Use Feature's dashboard and GitHub labels to easily create new deals to provide incentives to your developers
By labelling any issue with a special label, you can automatically create a new deal for your developers.
A label is recognized as a "Feature" label if its description follows a very specific syntax that encodes the modalities of the deal. Fortunately, you can use Feature's label manager on your dashboard to automatically create, edit and delete those labels through a very user-friendly interface.
1) Access to the label editor for your installation. Once you are on the right page, you can start creating, editing or deleting any label available to your installation.
Feature's Label Editor
Note that any operation performed on labels will affect all the repositories managed by features. There is currently no way to manage labels per repository.
2) Once your label is created, you can simply label any issue with it and our Bot will take care of it.
Manually create a deal with a label
You can then put the cryptocurrency amount in escrow and proceed normally.
Protip: Feature allows you to automate this process so that you won't have to manually deposit anything in escrow, using organization wallets. Learn more about the auto dealing feature.