What is Feature?

Quick overview of Feature & how to start using it.
Our vision is to encourage developers to contribute to projects on GitHub, by being rewarded with cryptocurrencies.
You can still use Feature to improve your software development productivity.
It is currently deployed on Gnosis Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum.
You can benefit from Feature services directly on Github. A Github bot parses your issues to create truly secure payments.

Getting Started

1) Click here to start the Feature App installation.
2) Once on the Feature installation page, click on Installation. You will be redirected to GitHub.
Installation of the Feature GitHub App
3) Select the account or organization where you want to install the bot.
GitHub account/organization selection
4) Select the repositories in which the bot will be used, then click on Install.
Repository selection
The Feature bot will only have the permission to:
  • Read access to metadata;
  • Read and write access to issues and pull requests.
Feature never has access to your code but only to the names of directories and contributors (metadata) and the thread of issues and pull requests.
4) Then, sign in or start your 14-day free trial, in order to be able to use Feature.
Sign in or start your free trial
4) After signing in, you're done! You can see every deal that have been created with Feature bot.
Feature's deals page
Congratulations on completing the installation 🎉 Now it's time to make your first deal to start increasing your product development productivity 🤓