Create a deal using GitHub comments

Attract developers with a reward
1) Open an issue on Github.
2) Entitle it or add a comment with this format: $<issue_type> <crypto_amount><currency> (<network>).
The keywords to launch a deal are these: $f, $bounty, $grant, $feature, $feat, $fix, $audit, $CS, $doc, $documentation, $refacto, $refactoring, $code, $chore, $test, $docs, $ci, $perf, $build and $style. And the keyword networks are: (polygon), (xdai) and (arbitrum_one).
Comment an issue with keywords to create a Deal
3) The Feature bot will ask you to put the cryptocurrency amount in Escrow. Click on the link to be redirected to the related page.
Feature works with coin as well as tokens (ERC20).
4) Connect your wallet. If enough funds, you will be able to approve the transfer.
5) Click on Create the Deal. Once transaction done, you will be automatically redirected to GitHub.
Create your Deal
6) The bot will comment that you've created the Deal successfully!
Deal created!
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